Saturday, December 25, 2010

Christmas 2010

We had quite an exciting Christmas morning. You know how Opa loves a good fire and I finally got my Christmas wish - a house full of Fireman and policeman. We had a lovely Christmas morninng fire going and then Dad decided he wanted to experiment. So he poked my boring old fake log (see picture above) which broke open and really got burning. Then added a piece of real wood on top. Soon the fire was blazing. (see picture #2). We put the fire out with a couple of squirt bottles and several cups of water. But the chimney outside was still smoking. So, just to be safe we called the fire department. I guess I should have told them there weren't any flames and it was only a small chimney on one small house. Nevertheless they all showed up - ALL OF THEM. 4 large firetrucks, including two ladder trucks, an ambulance, two fire chief SUV's, and 4 policemen (that just showed up to, " the show.") Because my chimney is so tall they had to actually use the ladder truck, which was seriously the coolest part. The house is a little smoky, the fireplace is very wet, but all the presents were saved and we lived to light a fire another day...or not.

We weren't sure Mom wanted to be seen with the rest of us as she stood on the side of the house to text all the family.

So MERRY CHRISTMAS to me! Thanks Dad - I owe you one!

Monday, August 23, 2010

Too Fast!!

We started another school year today. Mallory is a sophomore and Garrett in 7th grade. And I feel like it is all going by just a little too fast. I realize I only have 3 years left with Mallory before she heads off to college and Garrett just 6. Is it wrong to focus on only the time we have left? I know there are still things I need to teach them, but more and more my opinion counts for less and less. And already I am having feelings of regret - did I spend enough time, do they know the right things, what did I forget, are they going to turn out ok. So I am trying this year to live in the moment and enjoy each one I still do have with them. Teach them what I can and try not to fear their future. I know heartache is waiting for them, it waits for all of us. But I have spent so long trying to protect them it is hard to let go and let them experience life for themselves.
Nevertheless - there they go....

Sunday, July 25, 2010


After a whirlwind week of travel. I ended up in California visiting Allison and her girls. We have had a wonderful weekend - toured San Francisco, Jelly Belly and are planning on hitting Napa this afternoon. 3 things I learned on this trip:

1. I am not Paige's favorite aunt - Heather is. Hopefully this is just a phase????
2. I really love being around my sisters and treasure every minute.
3. I miss my kids - vacations are infinitely more better when they are with me.

But here are some of my favorite pictures:

Saturday, July 10, 2010

The Yard that finally was...

I spent last weekend re-finishing the deck and it is beautiful. I have even planted a couple of things that hopefully will come back last year. And although the back yard is not totally complete, it is so close we are counting it. And it is so peaceful and beautiful back there. Thank you to everyone who helped me get it where it is today. Thanks to Daniel for having the vision and laying the foundation. To Mom and Dad for coming out a few times to help overhaul it. To Heather who spent one of her very few breaks pulling weeds and scooping poop. To my home teacher and his sons for knowing how to lay sod. And to Mallory and Garrett for not complaining too much about yard work...

Monday, June 14, 2010

Grass - At Last!

We really should have taken before pictures, like before Mom and Dad got there on Memorial Day weekend. But knowing I would be spending a week with Daniel in the very near future, I thought it best to just show after. If Daniel saw the state of my yard before, I would hear about nothing else during our week vacation. But who could blame him? The poor boy spent an entire summer building a 'dog friendly' backyard, only to have the friendly dogs destroy it. I think this is the third overhaul on my back yard. Once when Daniel did it, once when Mom and Dad did it (remember all the bark??), and again when Mom & Dad did it. I could never have put the sod in without the help of Mom, Dad and Heather two weeks ago. And now, finally we have grass for the first time in four years.

Here are the pictures:

This first one is standing at the West fence looking southeast toward the shed.
This one is standing at the shed looking towards the deck...

Standing at the shed looking directly east to the opposite fence...

Standing at the corner of the house on the deck looking toward the shed.