Monday, August 23, 2010

Too Fast!!

We started another school year today. Mallory is a sophomore and Garrett in 7th grade. And I feel like it is all going by just a little too fast. I realize I only have 3 years left with Mallory before she heads off to college and Garrett just 6. Is it wrong to focus on only the time we have left? I know there are still things I need to teach them, but more and more my opinion counts for less and less. And already I am having feelings of regret - did I spend enough time, do they know the right things, what did I forget, are they going to turn out ok. So I am trying this year to live in the moment and enjoy each one I still do have with them. Teach them what I can and try not to fear their future. I know heartache is waiting for them, it waits for all of us. But I have spent so long trying to protect them it is hard to let go and let them experience life for themselves.
Nevertheless - there they go....