Wednesday, November 30, 2011

After 2 days and 1 hour of nagging, the lovely children finally helped decorate the tree. I could have decorated it last weekend when I put the tree up. But they were at their Dad's for the weekend and I wanted to wait. Because we always decorate the tree together with Christmas music playing. So as I threatened to ground them if they didn't come out right now and start putting ornaments on the tree, I was thinking to myself, "Why am I doing this?" Because one day they will look back and cherish these traditions...right?

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Then and Now

The kids and I were leaving the grocery store the other night and since I am now the short one in the family, they ended up walking a little bit in front of me. I watched them have their own conversation that had nothing to do with me. It was a little overwhelming to think that those 2 almost adults I actually brought into the world. And everday they pull farther and farther away from me towards their own life. That is the way things are supposed to work, right? I remember feeling like I couldn't wait to start my life. My life that was all my own, nothing to do with my parents and their rules or old fashioned ways or whatever was bothering my 18 year old self at the time. I didn't realize then what a significant role they played in making me who I am today. As I watch my own children grow and develop into real people, I only hope I have done enough to teach them what is important. That I have done enough to help them become responsible people - responsible people who know how to laugh and find joy. It seems like not very long ago they depended on me for everything. And now that is becoming less and less, I hope more and more for their future.

Sweet 16!!

My baby girl is 16 years old! The birthday was pretty low key, which is what she wanted. But I am so proud of her. When she got her patriarchal blessing a few weeks ago, the patriarch kept remarking on how sweet her spirit is. I couldn't agree more - so here's to you my Sweetpea. I love you!

Saturday, February 26, 2011


Last October we were able to go to Mexico with some very good friends - in fact they are our family here! It was a wonderful trip. Great weather - great company - and gorgeous views. We have very similar philosophies on vacations, so we meshed very well together. We woke up and had breakfast around 10, were at the pool by Noon, then the beach, back to the pool and up to our rooms around 5 to get ready for dinner. It was great to completely unplug for a week! Even the kids said they enjoyed not having their cell phones! We did have a professional photographer take some pictures - below are some of those and some of my own...

The Ott Family - George, Savannah, Dawn and Jacob.

Mallory and Savannah the day we got there.

On our last day we enjoyed 'virgin' daiquiris - a couple times!

A little blury, but we went to the ocean one night and the boys were showing off their 'guns'.

I love the little flecks of sand on her face...
This is not photo shopped - the water really is that color!

See - they really do like each other.

Look at that air they are catching.


Garrett just finished Deacon's basketball, which he loves. They have a very small deacon's chorum so Garrett recruited a couple of his friends to come and play. They are a pretty tight group and went undeafeted the whole season. The last game, which is the highlight reel below, the score was 53 - 34. Garrett had almost half the team's points - 22. This is what I like to affectionately call the Garrett Highlight Reel.

Saturday, December 25, 2010

Christmas 2010

We had quite an exciting Christmas morning. You know how Opa loves a good fire and I finally got my Christmas wish - a house full of Fireman and policeman. We had a lovely Christmas morninng fire going and then Dad decided he wanted to experiment. So he poked my boring old fake log (see picture above) which broke open and really got burning. Then added a piece of real wood on top. Soon the fire was blazing. (see picture #2). We put the fire out with a couple of squirt bottles and several cups of water. But the chimney outside was still smoking. So, just to be safe we called the fire department. I guess I should have told them there weren't any flames and it was only a small chimney on one small house. Nevertheless they all showed up - ALL OF THEM. 4 large firetrucks, including two ladder trucks, an ambulance, two fire chief SUV's, and 4 policemen (that just showed up to, " the show.") Because my chimney is so tall they had to actually use the ladder truck, which was seriously the coolest part. The house is a little smoky, the fireplace is very wet, but all the presents were saved and we lived to light a fire another day...or not.

We weren't sure Mom wanted to be seen with the rest of us as she stood on the side of the house to text all the family.

So MERRY CHRISTMAS to me! Thanks Dad - I owe you one!

Monday, August 23, 2010

Too Fast!!

We started another school year today. Mallory is a sophomore and Garrett in 7th grade. And I feel like it is all going by just a little too fast. I realize I only have 3 years left with Mallory before she heads off to college and Garrett just 6. Is it wrong to focus on only the time we have left? I know there are still things I need to teach them, but more and more my opinion counts for less and less. And already I am having feelings of regret - did I spend enough time, do they know the right things, what did I forget, are they going to turn out ok. So I am trying this year to live in the moment and enjoy each one I still do have with them. Teach them what I can and try not to fear their future. I know heartache is waiting for them, it waits for all of us. But I have spent so long trying to protect them it is hard to let go and let them experience life for themselves.
Nevertheless - there they go....