Sunday, June 26, 2011

Then and Now

The kids and I were leaving the grocery store the other night and since I am now the short one in the family, they ended up walking a little bit in front of me. I watched them have their own conversation that had nothing to do with me. It was a little overwhelming to think that those 2 almost adults I actually brought into the world. And everday they pull farther and farther away from me towards their own life. That is the way things are supposed to work, right? I remember feeling like I couldn't wait to start my life. My life that was all my own, nothing to do with my parents and their rules or old fashioned ways or whatever was bothering my 18 year old self at the time. I didn't realize then what a significant role they played in making me who I am today. As I watch my own children grow and develop into real people, I only hope I have done enough to teach them what is important. That I have done enough to help them become responsible people - responsible people who know how to laugh and find joy. It seems like not very long ago they depended on me for everything. And now that is becoming less and less, I hope more and more for their future.


MiriamR said...

I think you did a really good job. They are nice people :)They care about others and I think they got that from you :)

Allison said...

Who are those two teenagers. . . I remember those two cute kids and that house and how it seemed like that time would last forever. Bring back the little cheeks!!!!! Love you and your awesome kids.