Monday, June 14, 2010

Grass - At Last!

We really should have taken before pictures, like before Mom and Dad got there on Memorial Day weekend. But knowing I would be spending a week with Daniel in the very near future, I thought it best to just show after. If Daniel saw the state of my yard before, I would hear about nothing else during our week vacation. But who could blame him? The poor boy spent an entire summer building a 'dog friendly' backyard, only to have the friendly dogs destroy it. I think this is the third overhaul on my back yard. Once when Daniel did it, once when Mom and Dad did it (remember all the bark??), and again when Mom & Dad did it. I could never have put the sod in without the help of Mom, Dad and Heather two weeks ago. And now, finally we have grass for the first time in four years.

Here are the pictures:

This first one is standing at the West fence looking southeast toward the shed.
This one is standing at the shed looking towards the deck...

Standing at the shed looking directly east to the opposite fence...

Standing at the corner of the house on the deck looking toward the shed.