Sunday, July 25, 2010


After a whirlwind week of travel. I ended up in California visiting Allison and her girls. We have had a wonderful weekend - toured San Francisco, Jelly Belly and are planning on hitting Napa this afternoon. 3 things I learned on this trip:

1. I am not Paige's favorite aunt - Heather is. Hopefully this is just a phase????
2. I really love being around my sisters and treasure every minute.
3. I miss my kids - vacations are infinitely more better when they are with me.

But here are some of my favorite pictures:

Saturday, July 10, 2010

The Yard that finally was...

I spent last weekend re-finishing the deck and it is beautiful. I have even planted a couple of things that hopefully will come back last year. And although the back yard is not totally complete, it is so close we are counting it. And it is so peaceful and beautiful back there. Thank you to everyone who helped me get it where it is today. Thanks to Daniel for having the vision and laying the foundation. To Mom and Dad for coming out a few times to help overhaul it. To Heather who spent one of her very few breaks pulling weeds and scooping poop. To my home teacher and his sons for knowing how to lay sod. And to Mallory and Garrett for not complaining too much about yard work...