Saturday, February 26, 2011


Last October we were able to go to Mexico with some very good friends - in fact they are our family here! It was a wonderful trip. Great weather - great company - and gorgeous views. We have very similar philosophies on vacations, so we meshed very well together. We woke up and had breakfast around 10, were at the pool by Noon, then the beach, back to the pool and up to our rooms around 5 to get ready for dinner. It was great to completely unplug for a week! Even the kids said they enjoyed not having their cell phones! We did have a professional photographer take some pictures - below are some of those and some of my own...

The Ott Family - George, Savannah, Dawn and Jacob.

Mallory and Savannah the day we got there.

On our last day we enjoyed 'virgin' daiquiris - a couple times!

A little blury, but we went to the ocean one night and the boys were showing off their 'guns'.

I love the little flecks of sand on her face...
This is not photo shopped - the water really is that color!

See - they really do like each other.

Look at that air they are catching.

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