Monday, June 29, 2009

We are leaving the beautiful state of New Jersey in the AM. It has been a wonderful trip that included a three hour boat ride into the Atlantic in the hopes of seeing a whale, three trips to the Jersey shore, one movie, one dinner out with my sister, and of course the base (or post depending on if you are army or air force) pool. The pool has a wicked new waterslide that I would recommend to anyone except those subject to neck problems. We have had a wonderful time! Allison and her girls have been so patient hauling us all over the country side. We are hoping we will get one more trip out here next summer to play in the ocean.

When we returned from the shore tonight, Allison had a letter from the Office of the Seventy waiting for her. Of course when she left it open laying on the kitchen counter I had to read it! (I take comfort in knowing she would have done the EXACT same thing!) It was a very touching letter from Elder Robert Oaks, letting her know that he knew Chris was overseas serving our country. He thanked Allison for her sacrifice and let her know of the prayers and blessings that go with those men and women who choose to defend our freedom. Not much brings me to tears these days, but reading those tender words, and seeing first hand how much those girls, especially their mother, miss Christopher made my eyes water. I am so grateful for the sacrifices they are making on all our behalfs. The letter brought home to me the seriousness and reality of this 'war business'. Please keep Chris and all the service men and women out there in your prayers, that they will be able to return home to their families that miss them and need them.

Ok enough of that I am going to attempt to post some pictures of the shore - there are about a hundred, but I will pick the top two. The first one is of me and Mallory challenging the waves. Then Garrett and Mallory heading out on their own.


MiriamR said...

oh my goodness what a fun trip! I am so jealous that you guys go out there every year.

Superman said...

I didn't know that Chris was deployed! I am glad you were able to go visit with ALison. Aren't sisters great! Loved all the photos. Your kids are growing up way too fast!! Sure miss you. KEEP IN TOUCH!
love ya