Saturday, August 1, 2009

So I am doing better, it has only been a month since my last post. Last weekend we spent in Utah visiting family and friends and celebrating Heather's birthday and the 24th of July. Heather's birthday we spent at Lagoon in the 101 degree heat. Andrew and my fearless children decided they wanted to ride the sky coaster. That is where they strap you into a harness, pull you back and up about the length of a football field and let you go. It is like a giant swing, only you are laying on your stomachs. I checked with several of the official Lagoon workers and they assured me no one had ever hit the ground. Here are some pictures from their ride. On both I am way zoomed in so you can't really appreciate how high up they are.

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MiriamR said...

I did the sky coaster and couple of years back and yes its super duper high. So glad you posted these. Looks like you had fun in the hot Utah heat.