Saturday, December 25, 2010

Christmas 2010

We had quite an exciting Christmas morning. You know how Opa loves a good fire and I finally got my Christmas wish - a house full of Fireman and policeman. We had a lovely Christmas morninng fire going and then Dad decided he wanted to experiment. So he poked my boring old fake log (see picture above) which broke open and really got burning. Then added a piece of real wood on top. Soon the fire was blazing. (see picture #2). We put the fire out with a couple of squirt bottles and several cups of water. But the chimney outside was still smoking. So, just to be safe we called the fire department. I guess I should have told them there weren't any flames and it was only a small chimney on one small house. Nevertheless they all showed up - ALL OF THEM. 4 large firetrucks, including two ladder trucks, an ambulance, two fire chief SUV's, and 4 policemen (that just showed up to, " the show.") Because my chimney is so tall they had to actually use the ladder truck, which was seriously the coolest part. The house is a little smoky, the fireplace is very wet, but all the presents were saved and we lived to light a fire another day...or not.

We weren't sure Mom wanted to be seen with the rest of us as she stood on the side of the house to text all the family.

So MERRY CHRISTMAS to me! Thanks Dad - I owe you one!

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MiriamR said...

oh my gosh I am so glad you house didn't burn down, Daniel was showing me some pictures of firetrucks at your house! At least you got to see some firemen on christmas!! :)